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I’m focused on transferring learning and teaching research into workplace settings to transform and enhance practices

Dr Mavin is an Associate Professor at the Griffith Institute for Educational Research. His scholarly work is in the area of complex skills development, focusing on training and assessment. He has over 25 years professional flying experience in which time he logged over 10,000 hours of flight experience, including 7000 hours jet time. More recently, he has worked with many major airlines and aircraft manufactures in the Tasman region, China and US. He continues to work closely with the Australian military. Whilst his work has been specifically in pilot training and assessment, he continues to work with other aviation professionals including cabin crew, maintenance and air traffic control. Dr Mavin remains qualified as an instructor on the Boeing 737 and also as a Queensland High School teacher.

Associate Professor Tim Mavin

School of Education and Professional Studies


Fields of Expertise

  • Aviation
  • Competency Based Training
  • Distributed Cognition and Joint Cognitive Systems
  • Vocational Education and Training

Industry Experience

Tim has one major major focus, transferring the somewhat complex theories that academics derive and move them into practice. This focus has enabled him to work closely with numerous civil airlines and military . Tim has experience working with partners across the aviation industry all over the world and has acted as a consultant and training advisor in a variety of settings.

Research Expertise

Tim is heavily involved in research having being a part of a number of major research projects in the field of aviation.

  • Understanding and improving pilot learning and development at critical stages of their career: Maintaining airline safety in changing times
    Year: 2015-2017                                          Research Partner: Australian Research Council

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