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H G Wells said - Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe'. I'm one member among many of Team Education. We're training in the midst of running, and studying better ways to run

Associate Professor David Geelan is currently the Deputy Head of School (Learning & Teaching) within the School of Education and Professional Studies. David is leading and managing teaching activities in teacher education, autism studies, contemporary and applied theatre and professional and vocational education. His books 'Weaving Narrative Nets' and 'Undead Theories' explore ideas around qualitative approaches to educational research, and he won an Australian Publishing Award for the 'Science Ways' series of textbooks for Queensland schools. David has been helping beginning teachers learn about teaching science since 1993. He has conducted research on teachers' explanations in physics classrooms, videoconference teaching and learning and his own teaching practice, and his current work is on the use of interactive simulations ('virtual labs') in chemistry and physics education.                     

Associate Professor David Geelan

School of Education and Professional Studies

Deputy Head of School (Learning & Teaching)

Fields of Expertise

  • Science Education
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Scientific Visualisations and Simulations
  • Chemistry and Physics

Industry Experience

David has taught high school science and maths in Victoria, NSW and WA, and worked as a science educator in Papua New Guinea and Canada as well as Australia. Throughout his academic career David has been involved in a number of consultancy projects both in Australia and overseas. 

David has served on editorial boards for a variety of journals including: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, Canadian Journal of Education and the International Journal of Science Education. David is also the Editor in Chief of Research in Science Education.

His service roles also expand internationally and his committee experience includes: Teacher Education Industry Advisory Group (TEIAG) Griffith University, Development Committee University of Alberta, Board Member for the Imperial Oil National Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. 

David is Chair of the National Steering Group for the Network of Associate Deans of Learning and Teaching in Education (NADLATE) and a Board Member of the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE). He is a member of the Policy Committee of the Australian Council of Educators (ACE)

Research Expertise

David's current research work is focused on two topics:

  • The use of interactive simulations - computer-based 'virtual laboratories' - to support inquiry learning and conceptual development in secondary school physics and chemistry education.
  • Teacher explanations in science education- the ways in which science teachers explain concepts to studnets. This work is the focus of a collaboration with Dr Valeria Cabello at the University of Chile.

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