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Julie Dunn is Professor of Drama Education within the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University. Julie's expertise in Drama Education includes early childhood, primary, middle years, secondary and adult education where she had led a number of research projects and community programs. She currently teaches into the Bachelor of Education program for undergraduate students as well as well as the Graduate Diploma for students in postgraduate studies. Julie also supervises a large number of PhD and Masters students in her role within the school. 

Professor Julie Dunn

School of Education and Professional Studies

Drama Education

Fields of Expertise

  • Drama Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Development of Language and Literacy through Drama

Speeches, Seminars and Presentations

The Importance of Teacher/Facilitator Artistry (2012) International Conference on Trends and Developments in Arts Education: Re-searching Arts and Education, Taipei National University of the Arts.

Emotion in Drama: Friend or foe? (2011) Second Critical Studies in Drama in Education International Symposium, University of Auckland.

Industry Experience

Julie was the 2005 winner of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education Distinguished Dissertation Award and her book "Pretending to Learn" (co-authored with John O'Toole) was winner of a 2003 Excellence in Educational Publishing Award. Through Julie's community programs and partnerships she has worked with many schools, early childhood centres and organisations such as Wesley Mission Australia.

Research Expertise

Julie Dunn's research work focuses on play, playfulness and drama. She has published widely in these areas, with a specific area of interest being their points of intersection. With research projects involving participants as varied as young children, adult drama learners and people living with dementia, the contexts for Julie’s research work are highly diverse. Recent work has focused on the role of emotion and how the different emotions provoked within play and drama influence the engagement and meaning making of participants. Within the context of early childhood education, Julie has investigated connections between child-structured dramatic play and adult-structured drama education, with a major component of this work being the possibilities these approaches offer for the development of language and literacy. Recent research projects include:

Exploring emotion in participatory drama about social justice: A case study of Creons decree

Year: 2016                                             Book: Drama and Social Justice: Theory, research and practice in international contexts (pp. 40 - 52)

Passion, Partnership, Power and Persistence: The Rise and Fall of a Transnational Drama Programme

Year: 2016                                             Journal: The Journal of Drama Theatre Education in Asia 

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