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Teaching: Changing Minds

Dr Jason Zagami is a Senior Lecturer in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) within the School of Education and Professional Studies. Jason conducts research in cognition, professional learning and expertise, and all aspects of educational technologies. Jason has many years of experience in K-12 computer education including experience as a former classroom teacher.

Dr Jason Zagami

School of Education and Professional Studies

Senior Lecturer Digital Technologies

Fields of Expertise

  • Professional Learning and Community Engagement
  • Digital Technologies Curriculum
  • Educational Technologies Research
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Speeches, Seminars and Presentations

Jason will be presenting at the upcoming Digital Technologies Summit in Brisbane, June 2016 on the Horizon Report K-12: What are the bigger trends and challenges? Why we need to address them.

Jason recently presented a showcase of emerging educational technologies and their implications for teaching and learning. A link to watch the presentation can be found here.

Industry Experience

  • Awards: Outstanding National Achievement by a Teacher and Queensland Computer Educator of the Year
  • Professional Memberships: Immediate Past President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE), Past President of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE), President of the Australian College of Education (Gold Coast region)
  • Other Experience: Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator

Research Expertise

Jason's research focuses on cognition, mental models, teacher professional development, ICT education, technology education, enhancing teaching through technology, and curriculum reform. Key Research projects include:

  • Girls and Computing, Female participation in ICT in Schools research project                                                Year: 2015                              Research Partner: Digital Careers, CSIRO, Intel
  • Teachers’ Beliefs about the Possibilities and Limitations of Digital Games in Classrooms
    Year: 2014                              Publisher: E-Learning and Digital Media
  • Serious Play: using digital games in school to promote literacy and learning in the twenty-first century
    Year: 2012                               Research Partner: Australian Research Council
  • Published Book- Seeing is understanding: The Effect of Visualisation in Understanding Programming Concepts
    Year: 2012                               Publisher: EduTechPress

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