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How do I frame my research philosophy? I tend to ensure that my research findings have an impact on current and future practices in pedagogy and the wider community. Ensuring that research is a key driver to informing practice is my main focus

Dr Wayne Usher is a Senior Lecturer in the Health and Physical Education space. Wayne has almost 30 years of practical experience in education, spanning across primary, secondary and higher educational settings. He brings a breadth and depth of knowledge associated with traditional and contemporary practices which influences the teacher experience. Wayne’s research interests include school and community health, physical education, modern classroom practices and curriculum development / implementation.

Dr Wayne Usher

School of Education and Professional Studies

Senior Lecturer Health and Physical Education

Fields of Expertise

  • Coaching Pedagogy
  • Community Health Care Delivery
  • Curriculum Development
  • Digital Technology
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • Health Education

Industry Experience

Wayne has worked closely with a number of major sporting organisations including the NRL, AFL, Qld Cricket, Qld Touch, Qld Rugby and Netball Australia. He has also been an active member on a number of Editorial Boards, for national and international journals, such as: Health Education, Cogent Education and the Australian Primary Health. Current work involves being part of the Steering Committee for the NRL’s ‘Munchkin League’ and PD for Gold Coast Physical Education teachers. Wayne is also currently conducting research in collaboration with Runaway Bay Sporting Complex, titled – “Measuring the levels of Physical, Social and Emotional Well Being of School Aged Students across South East Queensland.” Wayne has recently worked closely with the NRL to improve sports participation and to promote junior players' wellbeing.

As part of Wayne's collaboration with the NRL (2016 - 2018) they developed a strategic plan, known as the 'Player Development Framework' - The plan will bring together and trial the best and most successful initiatives currently being used by Australia’s junior rugby league clubs. It aims to respond to what kids, parents and junior rugby league clubs said they wanted – junior footy that’s fun, friendly and free-flowing. The trial will take place in 2019 in South East Queensland and Victorian junior leagues. 

Research Expertise

Wayne’s past and current research, examines 21st century pedagogical approaches that engage the teacher and the student in the co-construction of meaning, value, and knowledge associated with primary, secondary and higher educational settings. Dr Usher’s works within research models associated with Grounded Theory Techniques, Narrative Theory and a Mixed Methods approach. His research gives specific attention to modern communication technologies and how they are creating a paradigm shift surrounding traditional barriers of power and information dissemination. Other areas of research include curriculum implementation, the teacher experience, the internet, WWW and Social Media applications. Current research includes combining spatial technologies, quantitative and qualitative theories to better examine distribution patterns associated with health and technology usage. 

Recent Publications:

· (2018). Analysing an Early Child Care Physical Literacy Program: A National (Australia) Rugby League Initiative. The ICHPER-SD Journal of Research in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance, 9(2), 36–45.

· (2018). National Junior Rugby League Players Experiences 2017: Players experiences and the impact on retention rates. Australia: Griffith University.

· (2018). The Impact of Social Interactionism on Australias National Rugby League Retention Rates. The ICHPER-SD Journal of Research in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance, 10(1), 39–49.

· (2017). Communique: Queensland Health and Physical Education Initial Teacher Education Summit 2017. Australia: Griffith University.

· (2017). E-Health: Modern Communication Technology Platforms for Accessing Health Information. In Design, Development, and Integration of Reliable Electronic Healthcare Platforms (pp. 49–71).

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