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My research and teaching focus is on the intersection of English, multiple literacies, curriculum literacies and technology and how these intersections are managed in primary and middle years classrooms

Dr Lisbeth Kitson is a Lecturer at Griffith University at the Gold Coast, Queensland. She teaches both primary and junior secondary undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Literacy and English education across Gold Coast, Mt Gravatt and Logan campuses. Lisbeth has been actively engaged with pre-service teachers in her roles as Program Convenor in the Graduate Diploma Primary Education, and as the First - Year Coordinator of the Bachelor of Education (Secondary). Lisbeth’s honours research investigated the literacy practices developed by one middle year student as he engaged in computer game play during his recreational time. Lisbeth’s subsequent research has focused on the affordances and constraints of Learning Objects, the use of e-literature in a book club setting in a primary classroom, and exploring curriculum literacies in postgraduate courses.


Dr Lisbeth Kitson

School of Education and Professional Studies

Lecturer in English and Literacy Education

Fields of Expertise

  • Language and Literacy in the Primary and Middle Years
  • Literacies
  • Literacy across the Curriculum
  • Use and Integration of ICT

Industry Experience

  • Member of Australian Literacy Educators Australia (ALEA)
  • Member of Primary English Teachers Association Australia (PETAA)
  • Member of English Teacher’s Association of Queensland (ETAQ)
  • Member of Logan Teacher Education Industry Advisory Group (TEIAG)
  • Member of Gold Coast Teacher Education Industry Advisory Group (TEIAG)

Research Expertise

Lisbeth's areas of research interest are related to literacy and multiliteracies, curriculum literacies with a particular focus on the integration of information and communication technologies and multimodal texts, such as Learning Objects and e-literature, into teaching practices. She has conducted research in classrooms since 2002 in a variety of contexts, including schools in the Logan area. Lisbeth has investigated a whole school implementation of interactive whiteboards into the English curriculum to develop students’ multiliterate practices. In particular, this study investigated how teachers’ beliefs and teaching practices of Year 4 teachers were shaped by the implementation of interactive whiteboards, and how this influenced what counted as multiliteracies. As part of this study, Lisbeth focused on the home literate practices of Year 4 students. This focus on the literate practices was further explored in another primary school setting from Years 4-7. She has also conducted research in the use of e-literature in a book club setting for Year 5 students, as well as exploring curriculum literacies in higher education settings.

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  • · (2017). Engaging the enemy: Computer games in the English classroom. Literacy Learning: The Middle Years, 25(3), 38–49.
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  • · (2013). Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for Engagement. Australia: John Wiley & Sons.
  • · (2011). Reconceptualising Understandings of Texts, Readers and Contexts: One English Teachers Response to Using Multimodal Texts and Interactive Whiteboards. English in Australia, 46(3), 76–86.

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