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My research is in the field of sociology of education with a particular focus on the design of primary school curriculum and pedagogic frameworks as this articulates with national and state education policies. I have expertise in issues of cultural identity, cultural diversity, and schools servicing high poverty communities. I am experienced in qualitative research approaches, particularly design-based research, co-inquiry models of research, and democratising research practices.

Professor Parlo Singh is a member of the Griffith Institute for Educational Research at Griffith University. Parlo's previous experience includes being appointed inaugural Director of the Research Centre for Language, Literacy and Diversity (2000-2003) in the Faculty of Education at QUT. She has also held the position of Head of School, Education and Professional Studies, Faculty of Education, Gold Coast campus (2006-2009). In this role she reinvigorated the Teacher Education Industry Advisory group in order to develop productive university-schools partnerships to develop innovative practice-oriented teacher education programs and effective educational research collaborations. From 2009-2012, Parlo held the position of Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School which involved strategic leadership in the area of higher degree research (HDR) across all academic disciplines and all campuses of Griffith University. In this role, Parlo's leadership was central to establishing the Board of Graduate of Research and Chairing this university committee to ensure strategic HDR policy renewal and implementation.

Professor Parlo Singh

School of Education and Professional Studies

Sociology of Education

Fields of Expertise

  • Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
  • Education Policy
  • Sociology of Education
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy

Industry Experience

Current Work

I am currently working on an Australian Research Council (Discovery) project: 2016-2018: Australian Research Council Discovery: First Chief Investigator DP160102784; Singh, Glasswell (PI), Lim (PI). Learning for Teaching in Disadvantaged Schools. $233,311 I am co-Editor with Leonie Rowan and Jeanne Allen of the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education:

I am co-convenor with Beryl Exley and Sue Whatman of the Educational Justice, Equity and Excellence Research Group:

Parlo has been a member of the international symposium extending the sociology of Basil Bernstein, particularly his theorisations of curriculum and pedagogy, and strategies for disrupting educational inequality. She is also co-Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education.

Awards - Parlo is the recipient of numerious excellince in teaching awards including the following:

  • 2009, Australian College of Educators, National Fellow Award (Higher Degree research education)
  • 2006, Carrick Australian Awards for University Teaching Citation: Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (Higher Degree research education)
  • 2005, QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award - Postgraduate Supervision Category
  • 2005, QUT Online Learning and Teaching Innovators Award
  • 1999, Griffith University Commendation for Excellence in Teaching 

Research Expertise

Parlo's research work focuses on issues of educational equity and social justice. Specifically she is interested in research partnership work that assists students from disadvantaged communities gain access to complex forms of knowledge. This research has involved working with primary and secondary schools in Queensland, Australia, as well as work in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia through funded research projects. Issues of educational inequity have inevitably dealt with the dynamics of social class, gender, and cultural identity, and theorisations of policy, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Of particular significance is work that challenges the re-production of social inequity via schooling systems through complex sociological theorising.

Her research work has focused on the educational experiences of Asian international students, as well as the work of Australian teachers working offshore in Asia-Pacific countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Papua New Guinea.

  • · (2018). Postcolonial, decolonial research dilemmas: fieldwork in Australian Indigenous contexts. Qualitative Research, 18(5), 526–537.
  • · (2018). Putting the steam back into critique? Gathering for critical怩ssensual collaborations in education policy research. Policy Futures in Education, 16(2), 185–201.
  • · (2018). It still matters: The role of skin colour in the everyday life and realities of black African migrants and refugees in Australia. Australasian Review of African Studies, 39(2), 19–47.
  • · (2017). Trans-Cultural, Trans-Language Practices: Potentialities for Rethinking Doctoral Education Pedagogies. Education Sciences, 7(19), 19–1–19–15.
  • · (2017). Western fragments, Asia as method: new modes of policy scholarship. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 1–9.

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