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This interactive app provides a fun and easy way to assess children's emergent literacy skills and is suitable for children, parents, and teachers to use.

Emergent literacy skills provide the early foundations of reading and writing. Developed by Dr Michelle Neumann, this free app provides a summary of children's letter name and sound skills and knowledge of words and numbers that can be instantly emailed to you as a spreadsheet. The results will highlight which skills your child needs further help with. The assessments can be repeated at any time to follow your child's emergent literacy grwoth.

Parent and teacher tips are provided at the end of the app to help support your child's learning further. Young children will benefit from doing the assessments with a parent or teacher and older children may be confident to do the assessments by themselves.

Media spotlight

The app has received considerable media coverage including an interview with TODAY Extra. The app was recently featured in an ABC News article "New app boosts children's learning in a week" and Michelle was recently interviewed on ABC Gold Coast radio about the app and the interview can be listened to here

The iTunes app is available free to download.

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School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University