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Education alumnus Sabrina Lengsfeld loves her career as a special education teacher. Within a few months of graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Special Education), Sabrina had already secured a permanent full time position with Education Queensland in her dream career – working as a special education teacher – at Mount Ommaney Special School.

Sabrina says in her eyes, she has the most rewarding career.

“I get to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that assist with their social, emotional and intellectual development,” Sabrina says.

At Mount Ommaney Special School Sabrina works within the school’s Intensive Interaction program.

“Our Intensive Interaction program focuses on teaching the pre-speech fundamentals of communication to students with severe learning difficulties or autism who are at an early stage of communication development.

“As a new teacher and Intensive Interaction practitioner, I feel overjoyed by the significant opportunities I have already encountered in beginning my career.”

As part of the program Sabrina receives training and mentoring from leading Intensive Interaction practitioners Dr Dave Hewett and Dr Mark Barber and the team at Mount Ommaney Special School.

During her time at Griffith University, Sabrina was also provided with the opportunity to become a member of the Teacher Education Centre of Excellence – Special Education (TECESE).

The TECESE worked closely with Griffith University in assisting Sabrina’s professional development and provided great networking opportunities.

Sabrina says her degree provided her with the foundations for a successful career.

“Griffith University’s excellent Special Education degree prepared me to fulfil my dream career as a special education teacher,” says Sabrina.

“My experiences at Griffith scaffolded my professional learning and development, allowing for a smooth transition into a career as a full time special education teacher within Education Queensland.

“During my four years of study, I gained a deep understanding of important theories and practices of teaching and developed my knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and the AITSL National Standards for Teachers.”

She says every practical experience across different educational settings also assisted in the development of her knowledge, skills and confidence as a developing teacher.

“As a new teacher I feel grateful for the very strong foundation I have gained through my Special Education degree,” Sabrina says.

“My studies gave me the initial confidence I required and allowed me to build on the knowledge gained through my degree in practical daily experiences.

“I strongly recommend Griffith’s Education degree and I am sure I will continue my close contact with Griffith as an alumnus and as a master student in the future.”