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  • Action Research

    The School of Education and Professional Studies has a number of experts that can help develop and support action research projects in your local school, educational institution or business environment.

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  • Developing Effective Learning Environments

    This program focuses on building more effective learning environments to increase the quality and effectiveness of your workplace. It includes a mix of presentations, workshop activities and group discussions. This program has been developed and delivered across a number of formats including a three hour workshop to a three day course. Pricing starts from $1,400.

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  • Leadership for Learning

    This workshop will consider what the research says about the theory and practice of Leadership for Learning. It has been delivered in a variety of formats from a two hour seminar to a full one or two day workshop or a series of whole school activities with visits spread over a calendar year. Prices start from $1,000.

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  • Let's's fun! Coding is reading and writing digitally

    In this Digital Coding workshop you will experience unplugged as well as plugged in activities that will give you confidence in how to code as well as resources and ideas on how to teach coding from Prep through to Grade 10.

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  • School Mathematics Teaching Program

    This professional development course involves a comprehensive analysis of a school's mathematics teaching. Through this course we gain a clear picture of how mathematics is being taught within the school and develop an effective plan focused on program enhancement.

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  • Managing Mindfully

    Mindfulness is much more than a trend – it is a powerful (and empowering) approach to achieving positive working relationships and outcomes. The science behind mindfulness confirms that through deliberate practice, being mindful can reshape our decision-making pathways, sharpen attention, boost our memories, and enhance our capacity for high quality relationships. This single day program begins by unpacking mindfulness into a set of concrete ways of thinking and practices that have particular relevance for leading learning. Prices start from $2,000.

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  • Autism Update for Education and Allied Health Professionals

    This two day workshop delivered by the staff in the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Griffith University caters to individuals that range from those with little experience to those with extensive experience with autism. The workshop has been designed for all professionals working with people with autism in any context.

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  • Blended Professional Development

    This program is designed for classroom teachers focused on developing teacher's digital pedagogies and how to effectively use ICT in teaching and learning. This program is traditionally delivered over an extended period of time such as over the course of a calendar year. Prices available on application.

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  • Positive Pedagogies: practices that foster positive learning identities and growth mindsets in classrooms

    This 2 hour twilight seminar is designed for classroom teachers, pedagogical coaches and educational leaders interested in practical, classroom-ready techniques that foster student's positive learning identities and growth mindsets.

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  • Thinking Differently About the Boy Problem

    This highly engaging and thought provoking program has been specifically designed to challenge educators to rethink the issue of boy's disengagement in schools. The program can be delivered as a stand alone one hour presentation or a half day workshop style presentation involving group discussion. Prices start from $500.

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