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Building more effective learning environments is important to assist the quality and effectiveness of your workplace. We will example how workplace learning occurs and how the process can be improved. This program aims to develop your workplace in becoming a better environment to enhance the learning of your staff in their every day activities.

This program has been delivered both nationally and internationally and can be tailored in duration to suit the needs of your team

Developed by Professor Stephen Billett this course draws on years of experience and studies from a range of industries to offer informed and practical advice about learning through practice for those in workplaces. 

This program has been designed to engage participants in considerations about:

  • The importance of learning through work
  • The process in understanding the way staff learn in the workplace
  • How that learning might be improved
  • Ways to evaluate and research learning methods in your specific work environment.

We introduce staff to key concepts for understanding workplaces and learning settings, and highlight how learning to realise these requirements arise through everyday activties and interations in workplaces. 

The program will also introduce proven strategies and teaching methods to further develop the capacities required for workplace performance. Approaches to capturing data and learning through work activities will be covered throughout.

The course has been designed to be highly interactive and provides a combination between presentations, workshop activities and group discussions throughout. Professor Stephen Billett has developed and delivered multiple versions to cater towards timeframe requests from various clients in industry.

Examples of how the program has been delivered include:

  • 3 hour on-site workshop
  • 2 full days on-site seminar 

Pricing starts at $1,400. To find out more information or to book this program for your team please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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