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This workshop will consider the theory and practice of Leadership for Learning.

The workshop is delivered by Professor Tony Townsend and will provide an international perspective on Leadership for Learning, and its five main principles, namely, a focus on learning for all members of the school community, supporting the development of the conditions for learning, collaborative dialogue, the role of distributive leadership and shared accountability.

Leadership for Learning is an appropriate leadership style in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, where no single person has the knowledge needed to take responsibility for the high expectations of engagement and success for every student that schools are currently expected to achieve. The international literature will be supported by a range of leadership activities designed to support school leaders to become leaders of learning.

Worksheets and key questions will be used to provide opportunities for participants to discuss issues related to school improvement in their own school but also to share information across schools to maximise learning.

This program can be delivered in the following formats:

  •  Two hour seminar
  •  Single Day workshop
  •  Multiple full-day visits spread over a term, semester or a year
  •  Opportunity to conduct action research as the program is delivered to establish evidence of progress in designated areas.

Tony has delivered this program to a variety of audiences including teachers, school leaders or both together, in many parts of the world. He has also conducted whole school professional development activities designed to support improvements in student engagement and learning.

Prices start at $1,000, plus expenses. To find out more information about this program or to book it for your school please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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