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This professional development course involves a comprehensive analysis of a school's mathematics teaching. Through this course we gain a clear picture of how mathematics is being taught within the school and develop an effective plan focused on program enhancement.

This program developed and devlivered by Dr Stephen Norton focuses on devising a systematics program to enhance the teaching of mathematics in the school. Components of this review can include:

  • Developing or refining a comprehensive mathematics work program
  • Classroom demonstrations focused on effective teaching strategies
  • A school wide consistent approach to teaching key algorithms
  • School wide approach to developing problem solving
  • Effective use of warm up strategies
  • Consistent calculator use guidelines
  • Consistent homework setting and marking policy
  • Strategies to provide effective feedback to students
  • Consistent and effective use of rotations if they are part of the school's current practice
  • Plans to structure a staff learning community within the school

At the completition of this program, Dr Norton will provide a report summarising the findings and providing key recommendations based on your school's needs.

This course is traditionally delivered over a number of days which initially focuses on observing classroom teaching practices which then leads into the development and delivery of a final report often presented by Dr Norton to the school leadership team. 

Costs for this program start at $5,000 and can be tailored to suit your needs. For more information or to book this program please contact us below.

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