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Effectively Questioning Children and Youth about their Experiences

Investigative interviewing involves eliciting a detailed and accurate account of an event or situation from a person to assist decision-making. The Centre for Investigative Interviewing (CII) provides unique training that can be adapted to any jurisdiction, and across an everwidening array of professions including medicine, policing, child protection and family law.

This course focuses on talking to children and young people about their experiences in a way that maximises relevant information and minimises errors. It is designed for professionals who work with children and adolescents, such as teachers, paediatricians, school counsellors and child care workers.

The 8 modules cover topics such as choosing effective questions, implications of child development, considerations related to ambiguous or sensitive topics, and additional considerations in situations where mandated reports of abuse may need to be filed.

The course is delivered via an online learning platform and includes a range of interactive exercises including films, simulations, self-assessment quizzes and mock interviews with trainers over the phone or Skype. Learners receive in-depth, individualised expert feedback and have access to IT helpdesk support.

We offer discounts for group enrolments, and our learning resources can be tailored to suit the needs of particular organisations and cultural contexts. Please contact for enquiries.

This online course is self-paced and you can start at anytime of the year. We recommend allowing about 8 weeks to complete the course. 

Course Background:

The course is based on more than a decade of research and experience in training and is highly practical in nature. The founding director of the CII, Prof Martine Powell, has over 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of investigative interview training programs, and has over 200 publications in the area.  The course developer, Dr Sonja Brubacher, has 6 years experience in interview training and child development research, and more than 30 publications on these topics. 

Online Course
Self-Paced - Start Anytime $1100 GST Inc

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Centre for Investigative Interviewing


Module 1


Module 2

Defining Various Questions

Module 3

Talking about Repeated Events

Module 4

Child Development

Module 5

Choosing Effective Questions

Module 6

Ambiguous or Sensitive Topics

Modlue 7

Interview Elements

Module 8

Conclusion and Assessment

A full agenda will be sent out to registered guests a few days before the seminar begins.

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