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Applied Behavioural Science Winterschool

Learn from leading behavioural science practitioners and academics as they share their insights on how to deliver meaningful change.

Evidence suggests that organisational decisions are too often inconsistent, biased, swayed by arbitrary considerations, suffer from debilitating unintended consequences, clash with social norms and prove ultimately self-defeating. How might we better understand such factors so we can improve our decision-making processes at work?

This Winterschool will offer practical, hands-on advice and training to help you acquire a better understanding of how you, your staff and your clients make decisions and of common mistakes to avoid.

Staff from Griffith Business School, and the NSW branch of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) will jointly lead this two-day workshop. The presenters include Professors of Economics and Social Marketing and Advisors from BIT. The speakers together have substantial expertise in the field of behaviour change and behavioural economics.

Who will benefit from this Winterschool?

  • Civil servants and managers who like to shape policies
  • Consultants who want to help their clients to achieve social impact

What will you learn?
Developed to be research-based, applied and comprehensive, this winter school will offer you the opportunity to learn:  

  • The most important and newest insights from behavioural science leaders and the Behavioural Insights Team
  • Interventions that provide concrete policy advice
  • How to successfully trial and scale interventions; from first idea to secure buy-in,to evaluation

Behavioural Insights badge
Participants who complete the two-day workshop and 20 question exam will be issued a ‘Behavioural Insights’ digital badge. The digital badge recognises skills developed in designing and evaluating a behaviour change intervention. The digital badge can be displayed in email signatures and shared on digital platforms. 

55th Sep, 2019

8:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Leneen Forde Chancellery (G34), Room 1.05
Gold Coast Campus,Southport, 4215 QLD

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5 - 6 Sep 2019

Applied Behavioural Science Winterschool

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