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Steve Parish Online Masterclass: Photography a Pathway to Purpose

Your Creative Life Purpose is to discover your voice. Your life’s work is to develop it. Your life’s meaning is to communicate it.

This online self-paced Masterclass ‘Photography: A Pathway To Purpose’ consists of six modules with videos and e-books where Steve explores how to develop and share your Creative Life Purpose (CLP).  After a life behind the lens and over four decades inspiring others to explore the holistic benefits of a body, mind and spirit connection with nature, Steve has a unique perspective on how to gain inspiration and explore tools for developing, expressing and communicating your unique creative voice. Chat directly with Steve on our discussion board as you go through the course.  Watch our course overview video below.  Our e-books are downloadable so you can engage with them indefinately. Registrations close March 31st


Starting Tuesday April 23The six online modules through which we explore the many pathways available in both the physical and virtual worlds include:

  • Module 1 Finding your passion: Gives you the energy and passion to sustain yourself through the good times and the bad. This module shows you how to identify your creative voice and articulate it so that you can surround yourself with people who support your life’s purpose, including friends, colleagues and (if you choose) clients.
  • Module 2 Projects with purpose: Shows you how to create clear, uncluttered projects that focus and channel your passion into collections of images with meaning, purpose, and value – both personal and commercial. Your projects are based on something worth saying, and your creative voice becomes more than just ‘Look at this picture!’ Your CLP will then make it easy to organise and prioritise both your goals and images. It makes your computer your creative hub with a purpose.
  • Module 3 The Art of seeing Art:  Everyone can discover how to ‘see’ creatively - it’s part mind-set and part play. This module inspires your imagination and helps you to make images that express your own unique way of seeing and feeling.
  • Module 4 Capture and Cameras: with over 50 years’ experience, Steve simplifies the steps to choosing and using a camera to serve your Creative Life Purpose. Make your camera your creative voice.
  • Module 5 The Digital Darkroom: Steve shows how editing photos can be creative and energising – not computer science. Steve simplifies editing so your photos interpret your emotions. From choosing software and hardware to tips for playing with your equipment and artwork, discover how to please yourself through digital editing.
  • Module 6 Connect with Community: How do you get your creative voice heard? Steve draws on experience creating Australia’s largest Australiana publishing company to show you strategies to build connections online and in the real world. Whether you are sharing your voice for pleasure or for profit, the act of making connections and sharing your work is fundamental to your growth. Steve helps you avoid the pitfalls of today’s connected World and gives you strategies that work.


  • Who should register? Anyone that has a love of photography! Whether you are a novice or a self-proclaimed veteran this course is perfect for you!
  • What is in each module? Each module contains a series of short videos, an extensive downloadable e-book and a number of activities to allow you to reflect along your journey.
  • Will I get to chat to Steve?  There will be a course discussion board that will give you an opportunity to chat directly with Steve Parish throughout the course.
  • How long will the course run for? This course will run for 6 weeks and can be accessed at any time (day or night!) that suits you.
  • What is the cost? Cost is $100 (GST exclusive) and includes a certificate of completion and the ability to download the course e-books!

Registrations close Sunday 31 March

About Steve Parish

2323rd Apr, 2019

9:00 am - 9:00 am

Online Course
Griffith University

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Steve Parish

Photographer, Publisher, Teacher, Writer, Naturalist and Artist