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What is Progressive Islam?

The dominant voices and images associated with Muslims and Islam can hardly be characterised as being in accordance with progressive religious, political and social values. However, in the shadows of the tragic events of 9/11 and the global “War on Terrorism” a vibrant intellectual current of female and male Muslim scholars and activists, located in both in Muslim majority and minority contexts, has emerged that has been systematically, critically and constructively theorising an Islam that has the capacity to responsibly, authentically and ethically respond to many challenges facing Muslims living in the 21st century.

This three day intensive workshop explores the theory of progressive Islam and its main pillars. It provides comprehensive insights into the main proponents behind and ideas underpinning the theory of progressive Islam and how they translate into discussions pertaining to gender justice, religious pluralism and social justice.

Participants can choose to attend all 3 days, or register for either Day 1 and 2, or Day 1 and 3. For prices and to secure your spot, click Book Now.

For more information please contact Dr Adis Duderija at or on 07 3735 4756

Each day will include a mix of lectures, readings and interactive discussions. This intensive three day workshop is structured as follows:

DAY ONE: 10am to 3pm

  • Who are the main proponents of progressive Islam
  • How progressive Muslim thought  approaches the idea of (Islamic) tradition , how it conceptualises the idea of  ‘progress’ and ‘modernity’
  • What kind of interpretational methodology of Islamic normative texts, the Qur’an and Sunna do progressive Muslim scholars adopt.

DAY TWO: 10am to 3pm

  • Progressive Islam and the concept of Human Rights
  • Progressive Islam and  legitimacy of religious pluralism

DAY THREE: 10am to 3pm

  • Progressive Islam and gender justice (includes theory of Islamic feminism)
  • Progressive Islam as Islamic liberation theology

About the presenter:

Dr. Adis Duderija, has been publishing on the theory of progressive Islam over a decade including two sole authored books on the topic published by Palgrave and Routledge respectively.

1111th Feb, 2019

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Griffith University Nathan Campus
170 Kessels Road, Nathan

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11 - 13 Feb 2019

What is Progressive Islam?