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Queensland Creating Futures Summit: a focus on the teaching profession

This exciting event brings together a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in teaching futures. The expanded role of schooling in the education, care, and well-being of young people has placed increased demands on the teaching profession at a time when the notion of ‘professionalism’ itself is contested. Scholars have suggested that professions such as teaching are designed to serve the public good, with an ethics of public service, and are, thus, the cornerstone of democratic societies. Any changes to the teaching profession and its professionalism, then, goes to the very core of democratic governance and the ethics of what constitutes the public good and public service. With a growing appreciation of the evolving nature of work and professionalism, teachers’ work remains centered on providing high quality, student-centered education.  In response, initial teacher education policies and programs continue to transform and improve; however, there remain pervasive and sometimes negative perceptions of the teaching profession in some corners of the community.

We use the recent focus on the status of the teaching profession as a catalyst for taking a proactive approach by exploring and developing creative strategies and actions to contribute towards framing the teaching profession, now and for the future.  In so doing we progress the agenda into a positive, creative space.

Through open and vigorous sharing and conversation, including the use of collaborative, digital platforms, we will explore and debate key issues to:

  • frame teacher professionalism for the future;
  • thrive from the inside by exploring initiatives in initial teacher education and early career development; and
  • take action, by proposing and developing capabilities to design preferred futures for the profession.

We invite you as a key stakeholder in the education sector to join this unique event and make your voice heard.

For more information of if you have any questions please contact us at:

This is a free event (including morning tea and lunch)

1818th Jun, 2019

8:15 am - 3:00 pm

Pullman Hotel
King George Square, Brisbane

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Professor Donna Pendergast

Head and Dean